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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wanted to write something profound for my new post.. why? I have no idea.. to sound smart I guess hehehe. But as I was sorting through boxes I got from my sister in law this morning I was going through old cookbooks... some I recognized from my mother in law's shelves from when she was alive, some recipe cards that she used when we would be over for meals and visiting and I realized something.. well other then the fact that I miss her very much... I miss cookbooks.. I used to literally have over a hundred of them.. every imaginable one you could think of I had them.

Then came the dawn of a new age.. the age of the Internet.. how cool was that???? It would be 4pm and I could just go online and type in what meat it was that I had taken out that morning and poof like magic, recipes would come out. So what did I need cookbooks for? And so I got rid of them other then a very very few favorites.

But lately I have realized I miss them. I miss sitting curled up on the couch in the mornings leafing through recipes with pictures... being tempted and tantalized by the visuals and ingredients.. my imagination would work on smelling what it would smell like, wonder what it would taste like.. it was an enjoyable time of my mornings. yeah I know I led a sheltered life lol . But where did that go?

So I saved the "new" books that I got yesterday, added them to the small amount I already have and will be combing second hand stores and garage sales for others in the future. We have gotten so used to searching the Internet for everything we have forgetten to use our imagination and our own originality. So for a little moment of my time I will share my thoughts on recipes, ideas on things you can do in your home for crafts, decorating, things you can do to improve your health, your life, what to make for YOUR dinner without going through all the books you gave away :).

Let your fingers do the walking as you come over to my ideas to help you make your day better. Enjoy this new blog :)



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